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NIST-4 watt balance weighs in on Planck's constant

Most precise measurement of h is one step closer to redefining the kilogram

Lasers transform infrared into broadband white light

Emitted light is exceedingly directional and could be useful for high-resolution microscopes

Google gains new ground on universal quantum computer

Combination of digital and analogue computing methods may be the route towards a quantum computer

Quantum simulator entangles hundreds of ions

Breakthrough could lead to better atomic clocks

High-efficiency flat lenses shrink down to the nanoscale

Ultrathin lens could replace bulky lenses in smartphones and telescopes

New Horizons lifts the lid on Pluto's peculiar polygons

Convection cells create the patchwork surface of Sputnik Planum, say scientists

Schrödinger's cat lives and dies in two boxes at once

Physicists create a double cat state in two entangled microwave cavities

Coherent terahertz radiation created in laser plasmas

New technique could lead to intense tabletop terahertz sources

Protons swim with ease through shark jelly

Discovery could help to explain how some fish detect tiny electric fields

'Magnetic-charge ice' slides into view

Frustrated material could lead to better computer memories

Ultrasensitive magnetic-field sensor could be made from a wobbling compass needle

Tiny sliver of cobalt should undergo precession in weak magnetic fields, say physicists

Ultrafast light pulses drive quasiparticle collider

Femtosecond resolution of collision dynamics achieved

Physicists discover new state of the water molecule

Hydrogen atoms smear out into rings when water is confined in tiny channels

Superconducting quantum-dot turnstile singles out electrons

Device could be used for quantum-metrology applications

Buckyball pioneer Harold Kroto dies at 76

Nobel-prize-winning chemist created ball-shaped molecules to better understand interstellar clouds