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Editor's choice

Jan 19, 2014

A special free-to-read digital edition containing 10 of our very best feature articles on the science and applications of light

In depth: Geophysics & environmental physics

Seeking advice

Looking for a job? Margaret Harris sees what help is at hand for physics graduates finding their way in the job market

Beware delay

Alan Robock is unhappy with the weight given to the view of climate 'sceptics'

Knowledge from a vast effort

Rasmus Benestad looks at the link between computer models, politics and global warming

Between the lines

Climate special – the rest of the best of this month's books

Urban cool

Summer in the city can be stifling, but appropriate surfaces and vegetation can cool us off, says Roland Ennos

Damage limitation

Treating tumours with hadrons rather than X-rays has many benefits for patients, as John Gordon explains

Fusion's bright new dawn

The world's largest laser could transform the search for abundant, carbon-free electricity, as Mike Dunne explains

The unsettled heavens

Aaron Leonard enjoys a fictionalized account of a meteorologist's role in the D-Day landings

Between the lines

The other Oppenheimer, cooking for astronauts and the "amazing" Grace Hopper

Between the lines

A round-up of the best books to put on your Christmas shopping list – or for someone else to buy for you

The lure of synchrotrons

Robert P Crease asks how sound are the arguments that the next generation of synchrotron sources are an essential tool for meeting the energy challenge?

Sustainability made simple

Niall MacKay and Roger Edgar assess what the UK government's new climate adviser has to say on energy

Wrong but useful

Gavin Schmidt explains how climate models are becoming an essential tool for politicians and policymakers

The road to sustainability

"Sustainability" is the hottest topic in energy research today, but what does it actually mean? George Crabtree and John Sarrao describe what makes a technology sustainable, and outline the materials-science challenges standing between us and clean, long-lasting energy

Publicize or perish

Joseph Romm urges scientists to do much more to warn the public of the dangers of climate change