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Nuclear & particle physics

For the latest news, features and products in nuclear & particle physics


UK Atomic Energy Authority gets a new chief executive

Ian Chapman takes over at a tricky time for agency that develops nuclear fusion energy technology

Proton radius mystery deepens as deuterium measurement comes up short

Smaller than expected radius of nucleus puzzles physicists

Construction starts on huge Chinese cosmic-ray observatory

Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory will attempt to understand the origin of cosmic rays

Radioactive decay of manganese-54 is not affected by the seasons, says physicist

New study suggests electron-capture process is not influenced by Earth's proximity to the Sun

In depth

Brave new Jupiter

With NASA’s Juno spacecraft arriving at Jupiter this July, Stephen Ornes reports on what scientists have in store for this distant probe

China’s tunnel vision

A new book makes a compelling case for building the next big particle collider in China, but Richard de Grijs can’t help wondering who its real audience is

Tetraquarks, pentaquarks and other giants of particle physics

MIT's Mike Williams explains how four or more quarks could join together to form exotic particles or even subatomic molecules

Where people and particles collide

What's it like to be in a gender or sexual minority at CERN, one of the most multicultural labs on the planet? Louise Mayor reports