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Editor's choice

Dec 11, 2014

Our Special Report, which you can read free online, reviews how India is building on its Mars success story

In depth: Nuclear & particle physics

Web life: 94 Elements

A documentary film project about the chemical elements and how people interact with them

Too hot to handle

A book about the complex history of nuclear waste in the US, reviewed by Robert Hayes

It's that particle again

Sean Carroll's account of the Higgs search and its implications, reviewed by Patrick Fox

Between the lines

Books on sexy statistics and elegant particles, reviewed by Margaret Harris

Web life

Matt Strassler's newsy blog on particle physics, the Higgs boson and more

The secret of life

David Jenkins and Oliver Kirsebom explore the mysterious nuclear energy level of carbon-12 that made life possible

Web life

AstroBetter is a website dedicated to helping astrophysicists do lots of stuff, better

Fuelling the thorium dream

An advocate's account of thorium's potential as an energy source, reviewed by Jess Gehin

Forming a critical mass of experts

A book about how the nuclear profession developed, reviewed by Geoff Vaughan

Between the lines

A graphic novel about the first atomic bomb and a biography of the anti-nuclear campaigner Joseph Rotblat, reviewed by Margaret Harris

Hans Bethe's early life

Jeremy Bernstein reviews Nuclear Forces: the Making of the Physicist Hans Bethe

Cornering the Higgs boson

Michael Riordan continues his tale of the hunt for the Higgs boson

Pinning down the elusive Majorana fermion

Carlo Beenakker talks to Physics World about Majorana fermions

Credit where credit's due?

Magdolna Hargittai gets to the bottom of the debate on whether female physicist Chien-Shiung Wu should have received a share of the 1957 Nobel prize

Delving into extra dimensions

Henrik Melbéus and Tommy Ohlsson look at the mind-bending theories of extra dimensions