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Editor's choice

Dec 11, 2014

Our Special Report, which you can read free online, reviews how India is building on its Mars success story

In depth: Nuclear & particle physics

Lessons learned by leading OPERA man

Antonio Ereditato talks to Physics World about the superluminal-neutrino episode

A Cold War puzzle persists

Istvan Hargittai reviews Simone Turchetti's The Pontecorvo Affair

The long road to the Higgs boson

Michael Riordan looks back at how the Higgs boson was predicted and the first quarter century of experimental searches for it

100 years of cosmic rays

A century on from the discovery of cosmic rays, Alan Watson examines the remaining mysteries

Planning the world's next collider

Lyn Evans on what comes next after CERN's Large Hadron Collider

Those puzzling infinities

Davide Castelvecchi reviews Frank Close’s The Infinity Puzzle

Introducing the higgson

Gordon Fraser and Michael Riordan explain why the Higgs boson should be called simply the "higgson"

Peter Higgs in the spotlight

Peter Higgs speaks to Physics World about his life in science and the search for the eponymous boson in a special audio interview

Lessons from Fukushima

Mike Weightman says improving nuclear safety should never stop

Fermilab's next frontier

Margaret Harris learns about Fermilab's plans for the post-Tevatron era

Firm takes middle ground to fusion

Fusion demonstrator could cost fraction of a standard reactor, as Hamish Johnston reports

The brave new-media world

Chad Orzel says physicists have to get used to doing science in the open

A taste of the exotic

Paddy Regan outlines the key challenges for nuclear physicists 100 years after Rutherford's great discovery

Big science in a big world

James Poskett explores how Ernest Rutherford, who 100 years ago revealed his proposal of the atom's structure, also helped to pioneer modern international science

Neutron target station takes the heat

Michael Banks looks at a novel approach to cooling the proton target at the European Spallation Source