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Editor's choice

Mar 10, 2014

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Shutdown of nuclear-waste site threatens neutrino lab

Underground explosion leads to temporary shutdown of EXO-200

EXO-200 narrows its search for Majorana neutrinos

Most stringent limit on rate of neutrinoless double β decay set

Physicists lock in on proton's magnetic moment

New result 760 times more precise than previous measurement

US particle-physics panel presents plan for the future

20-year plan emphasizes international collaboration

US sanctions on Russia hit ITER council

Fusion-reactor scientists grapple with politics and funding woes

Superheavy element 117 weighs in again

New isotope "lawrencium-266" also detected

Nuclear waste heads into the virtual realm

Repository design made cheap and easy with new tool

Physicists link neutron stars to earthbound alloys

Calculations suggest neutron-star crusts have rich and varied structure

China to build a huge underground neutrino experiment

JUNO will focus on neutrinos from nearby reactors

Gamma-ray shaping could lead to 'nuclear' quantum computers

Mössbauer effect used to modulate individual photons

SuperKamiokande finds that neutrinos change flavour at night

Earth's effect on solar particles seen by giant detector in Japan

Could sterile neutrinos solve the cosmological mass conundrum?

Researchers place bounds on sterile-neutrino mass

Laser fusion passes milestone

National Ignition Facility gets more energy out than it puts in

CERN kicks off plans for LHC successor

Some 300 physicists and engineers meet to discuss options

CERN gears up for new experiments

NA62 will look for new physics in a rare kaon decay