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Dec 11, 2014

Our Special Report, which you can read free online, reviews how India is building on its Mars success story


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China pursues 52 km collider project

250 GeV machine proposed

Strontium's nuclear 'spin symmetry' revealed

Discovery will be crucial for building yet more precise atomic clocks

Using antineutrinos to monitor nuclear reactors

State of reactor core could be verified from outside the facility

CERN accelerators come alive for LHC restart

Multitude of experiments will be switched on during the next four months

Scattered neutrons could mimic DAMA-LIBRA's 'dark matter' modulation

New model proposes muons and neutrinos produce neutron signal

Dark-matter searches get US government approval

Three experiments will close the net on dark matter

Gluons get in on proton spin

Force-carrying particles might solve "spin crisis"

Carbon nucleus seen spinning in triangular state

Discovery could help solve mystery of nucleosynthesis

Nuclear-inspection protocol inspired by game of marbles

Technique allows warheads to be authenticated without giving away any secrets

New proton detectors could lead to better cancer treatment

Sensors can track multiple protons in a therapeutic beam

Laser shines a new light on isotope separation

Energy-efficient technique could be adapted for medical use

Electrons' magnetic interactions isolated at long last

Quantum-information method helps make exquisite measurement

Shutdown of nuclear-waste site threatens neutrino lab

Underground explosion leads to temporary shutdown of EXO-200

EXO-200 narrows its search for Majorana neutrinos

Most stringent limit on rate of neutrinoless double β decay set

Physicists lock in on proton's magnetic moment

New result 760 times more precise than previous measurement