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Fermilab bags a tetraquark

Particle made of four different quark flavours is a first

Chinese lab confirms antineutrino anomalies

Daya Bay energy spectrum is the best ever

Physicists plan to seek Higgs force in atomic spectra

Isotope shift could provide a table-top test of how the Higgs boson couples to matter

CERN gives thumbs up to new sterile-neutrino detector

Proposed experiment to undergo further design report

ALPHA confirms antihydrogen is neutral as charged

Latest result is 20 times more precise than previous measurements

Fabiola Gianotti takes charge at CERN as lab weighs up designs for future colliders

New directorate will oversee the Large Hadron Collider's high-energy run and prepare for a major upgrade to the collider

The world of physics in 2016

Find out more about the key physics events of the coming year – and those we predict might happen

Double quantum-teleportation milestone is Physics World 2015 Breakthrough of the Year

Jian-Wei Pan and Chaoyang Lu of the University of Science and Technology of China bag this year's award

Electron lifetime is at least 66,000 yottayears

Charge conservation stands the test of time at the Borexino experiment

Pierre Auger cosmic-ray observatory set for expansion

Scintillation detectors will be added to the 1660 existing Cerenkov detectors spread across Argentina

Gran Sasso steps up the hunt for missing particles

Physicists switch on XENON1T and CUORE experiments

Strong interaction between antiprotons is measured for the first time

"Unsurprising" results back up CPT symmetry

Ultracold neutrons put a new spin on neutron dipole measurements

Neutron charge imbalance could explain lack of antimatter

Tiny terahertz accelerator could rival huge free-electron lasers

Thumbnail-sized modules could improve materials research if output can be boosted

Antimatter 'surfs' to higher energies on a plasma wave

New positron acceleration technique could boost energies in next-generation colliders