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Editor's choice

Mar 10, 2014

Download your free copy of our special issue "New ways to teach and learn physics", which is packed with the latest techniques, tips and trends in physics education

In depth: Culture, history & society

Laura Bassi and the city of learning

Paula Findlen examines the life of arguably the first female professional physicist

Too hot to handle

A book about the complex history of nuclear waste in the US, reviewed by Robert Hayes

Web life

A blog about alternative ways of measuring the impact of scientific papers

Between the lines

Science-fiction short stories based on real exoplanets and advice for young scientists from the biologist Edward O Wilson, reviewed by Margaret Harris

Just-in-time physics

Robert P Crease sees if it's possible to study physics by learning only what you need to finish a project

The reality of open access

Michael Banks looks at how governments are implementing open-access policies

Between the lines

A play about Newton and books about Internet spam and quantum randomness, reviewed by Margaret Harris

Web life

A blog that takes an "astrophysicist's-eye view" of energy issues

The Treiman effect

Robert P Crease praises the clear thinking of the late Princeton theorist Sam Treiman

Web life

A "blog carnival" that shines a spotlight on the month's best science blogs

It's that particle again

Sean Carroll's account of the Higgs search and its implications, reviewed by Patrick Fox

Between the lines

Books on sexy statistics and elegant particles, reviewed by Margaret Harris

Structural disputes

A biography of the mathematical biophysicist Dorothy Wrinch, reviewed by Athene Donald

The new idols

Robert P Crease wonders who would today be on Francis Bacon's list of "idols" that hamper our study of nature

Diversifying physics

MIT students and faculty believe that diversity is the key to success