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Medical physics

Medical physics

MR Image Guidance and On-Table Adaptive Radiotherapy in Routine Clinical Practice

09 Jul 2018 Sponsored by ViewRay

Dr Lauren Henke is a resident physician in radiation oncology at Washington University School of Medicine in St Louis, Missouri, where she has worked on MR-guided radiotherapy since 2013. She has been a principal investigator on three prospective institutional clinical trials of online adaptive MR-guided radiotherapy, and has published numerous peer-reviewed manuscripts on the same topic, including the first-ever clinical trial of stereotactic MR-guided online-adaptive RT (SMART). Dr Henke is also the recipient of multiple institutional and industry grants, focusing on the clinical development and early implementation of emerging radiotherapy technologies. Dr Henke is a graduate of St Olaf College and the Washington University School of Medicine.

Miguel Palacios has a MSc degree in physics and obtained his PhD in 2005 from the Free University of Amsterdam for his research in the biophysics group. In 2011 he joined the Amsterdam UMC as a medical physicist to work in the Radiation Oncology Department with main focus on treatment planning and the use of MRI for radiotherapy. He has more than two years of clinical experience in the field of MR-guided online adaptive radiotherapy and is co-author of several articles on this subject.


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