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2018 IEEE International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference

3—7 June 2018 | Jackson, Wyoming, US

Venue: Jackson Lake Lodge

The 2018 IEEE International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference (IPMHVC) will be held in beautiful Grand Teton National Park, Jackson, Wyoming, USA.  The venue for the event is the Jackson Lake Lodge, a historic resort lodge built near Jackson Lake at the seat of the Grand Teton mountain range, and a short drive from Yellowstone National Park.  Attendees will enjoy panoramic views of the great American West, an abundance of available outdoor activities, as well as accommodations in forest cottages surrounding the lodge and lakefront.  We encourage attendees to stay a few extra days with their families to explore the nearby National Parks and create their own adventure along the American frontier.

The IPMHVC conference has traditionally been held every two years, and is an applied and research-oriented conference concerning repetitive pulsed power and power modulator technology, as well as high voltage theory, components, diagnostics, and subsystems.  Specific technical topics include power conditioning and pulse shaping, high energy systems, energy storage devices and components, rotating machines and energy converters, high rep-rate systems and thermal management, high voltage design and analysis, high power microwaves and antennas, electromagnetic propagation, and prime power systems.

This conference is sponsored by the IEEE Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation Society, and technically co-sponsored by the IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society / Pulsed Power Science & Technology committee.


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