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2018 NanoScientific Symposium on Scanning Probe Microscopy

19—20 September 2018 | Albany, New York, US

Organizer: Park Systems

Registration is now open for all three 2018 NanoScientific Symposiums on SPM, co-sponsored by Park Systems and NanoScientific Journal, offered to all engineers and researchers working in science, research and nanotechnology. The NanoScientific Symposiums on SPM give attendees the latest updates in SPM from leading pioneers in the field, an opportunity to present their research papers, attend a special short course on atomic force microscopes, enter an AFM image contest and foster ongoing relationships in the field of nanotechnology. Registration is open for all three symposiums and abstracts are being accepted for oral or poster presentations. For details go to:

Aug. 22-23, 2018 NanoScientific Symposium on SPM at Korea Advanced Nano Fab Center in Korea

Sept. 19-20, 2018 NanoScientific Symposium on SPM at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Albany New York

Oct. 10-12, 2018 NanoScientific Symposium on SPM at Technical University Freiberg, Germany

The first 2018 NanoScientific Symposium on SPM will be at the Korea Advanced Nano Fab Center from August 22 to 23, 2018. This event hosted by the Korean Society of Microscopy and organized by the SPM Society will focus on introducing and sharing various AFM application technologies with experts in Korea’s nanotechnology and AFM fields and featuring a tutorial session on Wednesday, May 22, with a lecture on the basic principles and applications of AFM by Professor Yunseok Kim of Sungkyunkwan University, including hands-on experience of AFM.

Sept. 19-20 the NanoScientific Symposium on SPM will be held at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Albany, NY and will feature a special presentation by Dr Alain Diebold, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Interim Dean of the College of Nanoscale Science; Empire Innovation Professor of Nanoscale Science; & Executive Director, Center for Nanoscale Metrology. This event will also include an AFM workshop at the new Park NanoScience Center at SUNY Polytechnic, an evening cocktail networking reception and an AFM image contest.

Oct. 10-12, 2018 NanoScientific Symposium on SPM will be held in Freiberg, Germany at the Technical University Freiberg and will feature a special “nano bubbles” session in engineering processes like melt filtration, which is a part of the flagship project of TU Freiberg and Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology.  Other events include a Conference Gala Dinner “Fusing Science and People” and Discovering Natural Treasures – terra mineralia tour and party, AFM image contest, keynote speakers from top universities and technical sessions on nanoscale microscopy.

The NanoScientific Symposiums on SPM will cover the newest applications in 2D and other nanomaterials, polymers and composites, electronics, magnetic and photonics, semiconductor and MEMS process and applications, analytical chemistry, biology, biomedicine, geosciences and sustainable energy applications, nanoelectronics, photonics, nanomaterials and will showcase advanced AFM methods and offer a short course on atomic force microscopes (AFM) with access to live AFM systems.

The 2018 NanoScientific Symposiums on Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) are an exciting opportunity to hear keynote speakers from academia and industry talk about cutting-edge research in the hottest fields in nanoscience today and a networking opportunity to meet leaders and peers in your field of research. Ongoing registration is open for all three events.


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