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2021 Boulder Summer School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

5—30 July 2021 | Boulder, Colorado, US

Venue: University of Colorado
Organizer: Leo Radzihovsky
Contact: Leo Radzihovsky

Summer school on “ultracold matter” for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Experimental breakthroughs in trapping, cooling and manipulating degenerate atomic, ionic and molecular gases have enabled studies of strongly interacting, highly coherent, nonequilbrium quantum matter in previously unexplored regimes and phases. These explorations have synergized AMO, condensed matter, computational and quantum information sciences.

The 2021 Boulder Summer School will pedagogically cover these frontier developments, including (1) Strongly interacting Feshbach resonant Bose and Fermi gases, and the associated BEC-BCS crossover and phase transitions, (2) Phenomena in optical lattices and low-dimensional systems, and realization of lattice models, (3) Synthetic dimensions, gauge fields, and spin-orbit coupling, (4) Long-ranged interactions in dipolar atoms, molecules, trapped ions and Rydberg states as a route to novel states of quantum matter, (5) Nonequilibrium dynamics, entanglement growth, thermalization, and its absence in many-body localized systems.

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