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Emergent Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Quantum Matter

27—31 August 2018 | Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Organizer: International Institute of Physics of UFRN

From August 27 to 31 the International Institute of Physics of UFRN (Brazil) will host the workshop “Emergent Phenomena in Strongly Correlated Quantum Matter”, gathering researchers from different institutions around the world for a series of lectures on the newest developments in this field of research.

The workshop will focus on quantum magnetism in correlated systems and its interplays with low dimensionality, frustration, spin-orbit coupling, charge fluctuation, superconductivity; the emergence of exotic quantum orders in real materials (including FFLO state, hidden orders, chiral orders, spin-liquids, charge orders…) and their experimental and theoretical characterization invoking universal concepts (chirality, space and time groups of symmetry, multipolarity, vortices, skyrmions, multiferrocity, local versus non-local duality, scaling laws); transverse questions will also address the synthesis and characterization of materials/compounds and the effects of disorder.

Registration will be open until July 27, at the IIP website, where more information about the main topics, list of speakers and fees are available.

The IIP events department can provide assistance to the interested ones at +55 (84) 3342-2249 (ext. 2014/2015) or by e-mail at


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