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IAIA Special Symposium – The competing challenges of sustainability and economic development: Using impact assessment to achieve the SDGs in Asia

1—2 October 2018 | Kuching, Malaysia

Organizer: IAIA
Registration deadline: 07/09/2018
Phone: 7012977908

The introduction of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development established a series of ambitious development goals for the international community. This is particularly the case for Asia, where significant challenges remain to achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Join us in Kuching, Malaysia to discuss how impact assessment (IA) can offer an important basis for providing both the private and public sector the necessary tools and techniques to better engage in a more balanced and equitable development approach to achieve the SDGs. About 300 delegates from 30+ countries are expected to attend the symposium and the post-event training courses.

This symposium will target how voluntary IA tools and techniques, such as sustainability assessments, life cycle assessments, risk assessments, and materiality analysis, can be utilized in a region where regulatory efforts around IAs continue to experience challenges, with both the private and public sector arguing against further investment and business regulation.


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