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Information Processing, Noise, and Adaptation in Living Systems

15—19 April 2024 | Dresden, Germany

Venue: MPI-PKS Dresden, Germany
Organizer: Naama Barkai, Daniel Busiello, Christoph Zechner
Registration deadline: 31/01/2024
Contact: Claudia Domaschke
Phone: +49 351 871 1932

Living systems have to reliably sense, process and adapt to a multitude of cues in dynamic and noisy environments. Accurate information processing is instrumental for establishing robust cellular function and occurs on a wide range of spatiotemporal scales. How biological systems execute these operations is a fundamental open question with implications for our understanding of biological and artificial bio-inspired systems. In the past two decades, experimental developments have enabled substantial progress in elucidating the principles of information processing in living organisms. These advances inspired, in turn, significant theoretical work across different fields and communities. This workshop aims at combining ideas from physics, biology, computer science, and engineering to lay the groundwork for a common conceptual framework of biological information processing.

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