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Multiscale Materials Design short course at MIT

11—15 June 2018 | Boston, US

Organizer: Markus Buehler
Contact: Markus Buehler

As the demand for high-performance materials with superior properties, flexibility and resilience grows, a new design paradigm from the molecular scale upwards has revolutionized our ability to create novel materials, and is being fueled by transformative progress in additive manufacturing that allows us to move from a computer model to physical product. This course covers the science, technology, and state-of-the-art in atomistic, molecular, and multiscale modeling, synthesis, and characterization, as well as a variety of manufacturing methods to control structure of materials from the molecular to the macroscale, within the framework of materiomics. The course introduces a variety of computational tools that range from multiscale modeling to the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence in materials design and how it can be coupled to manufacturing methods.

Through lectures and hands-on labs, participants will learn how superior material properties in nature and biology can be mimicked in bioinspired materials for applications in new technology. Bridging vast hierarchies of length- and time-scales, this course trains participants in applications to polymers, metals, ceramics as well as composites and sustainable construction materials. The goal of this new approach is to construct, in a bottom-up manner, atomically-precise products through the use of molecular design and manufacturing, allowing the fabrication a vast array of designs.


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