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Physics of Cells: From Biochemical to Mechanical (PhysCell 2018)

2—7 September 2018 | Harrogate, UK

Registration deadline: 31/08/2018
Phone: +44 (0)20 7470 4840

Living cells are fascinating, complex, active systems. Uncovering the physics underpinning these systems is a challenge. Recent progress in interdisciplinary research, experimental tools and theoretical modelling has furthered our understanding of cells. It is clear that cellular processes involve an interplay between biochemical and mechanical aspects. However, much remains to be discovered to fully understand cells, their inner workings and interactions with their surroundings. From molecules to tissues, a physical understanding of biological cells requires integrating different length scales and different disciplines.

This conference will bring together the best scientific minds from different backgrounds to exchange ideas and discuss the latest results and future directions. We particularly encourage the emerging generation of bright young scientists to participate.


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