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Quantum Chaos and Holography

30 May — 3 June 2022 | Dresden, Germany

Venue: Max-Planck-Institut für Physik komplexer Systeme
Organizer: Hong Liu, Frank Pollmann, Adam Smith
Registration deadline: 15/04/2022
Contact: Claudia Domaschke
Phone: +493518711932

This five-day workshop will facilitate an intensive exchange of ideas between string theorists, condensed matter physicists, atomic physicists, mathematical physicists and researchers with other areas of expertise actively working on theory and applications of quantum chaos. The main goals of the workshop is both to introduce researches from different communities to key models and results and to outline unresolved problems actively investigated by these different communities. Such a meeting should allow us to consolidate new ways of quantifying many-body quantum chaos and highlight their implications for important questions of different disciplines. The main themes include studying signatures of chaos in quantum many-body systems, developing physical applications to thermalization and transport, developing new theoretical techniques for studying quantum chaos in complex systems, and exploring implications of chaos to related  fields, such as quantum information and the quantum mechanics of black holes. We now describe key issues of each of these themes more explicitly.

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