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Training Course on Vacuum Systems Design and Maintenance

12—14 June 2018 | Chester, UK

Venue: Mercure Chester Abbots Well
Organizer: Institute of Physics
Registration deadline: 05/06/2018
Contact: Heather Blackhall

Vacuum technology is a key for many research projects and industries. This Vacuum Group training course, organised by the Institute of Physics Vacuum Group, is intended to provide a grounding in practical vacuum usage for people who use and have some experience in vacuum. It will be presented by experienced vacuum personnel who will highlight how various technical challenges were overcome. This course will be beneficial for both graduates and vacuum technicians looking to develop their knowledge and technical skills.

Trainees are expected to have some basic knowledge in vacuum technology and instrumentation and, preferably, experience in using vacuum equipment. Ideally participants should have attended an introductory level course in this field (e.g. one or more of the training courses at the Vacuum Symposiums series), and be familiar with pressure units, pressure measurements and vacuum pumps.

Trainees will be issued with a CPD certificate at the end of the course.


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