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Geometry of Soft Matter

21—25 May 2018 | Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Organizer: IIP-UFRN
Registration deadline: 21/04/2018
Phone: +55 (84) 3342-2249 (ext. 214/215)

From May 21 to 25 the International Institute of Physics of UFRN will host the workshop “Geometry of Soft Matter”, in Natal, Brazil. This event will bring together researchers working on different aspects of soft matter field and aim to enable its participants to develop new insights by comparing geometrical considerations from different materials, as well as open doors to new research collaborations.

Some of the topics to be addressed during the conference are: elasticity of soft solids; structure of self-assembled aggregates; growth of biological tissues; geometrically frustrated liquid-crystal phases; and much more.

Registration is open until April 21, at the IIP-UFRN website, where the list of speakers and more about the main topic of discussion are available.


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