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Supercool physics

Experiments that probe the exotic behaviour of matter at ultralow temperatures depend on the latest cryogenics technology. This special collection explores the tools and techniques used at cryogenic temperatures, as well as some of the latest research in low-temperature physics.

Training webinars from the British Cryogenics Council

The British Cryogenics Council has worked with Physics World to provide three training webinars on the use of cryogenics technology in scientific research. The webinars can be watched live in Cryogenics Week, which runs 23–27 July 2018, or you can catch up on demand at any time.

Cryogenic safety (23 July, 14.00 BST)
Presented by Robert Done, a project design engineer at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK

SUPERINSULATION – heat transfer and influences on insulation performance (25 July, 14.00 BST) 
Presented by Holger Neumann, divisional head of cryogenics of the Institute for Technical Physics at KIT, Germany

Applications of cryogenics: past, present, future (27 July, 14.00 BST)
Presented by Jorge Pelegrín Mosquera, a research fellow at University of Southampton, UK

Cryogenics in action

Videos explain supercool physics

Directions in superconductivity

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