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Tune into online presentations that allow expert speakers to explain novel tools and applications

Physics World works with its corporate partners to showcase information that we feel may be relevant to you. The content highlighted here has been created with and by individual partners. It is free to access but in some case you may be asked to share your contact details with the relevant partner first before being granted access to the content immediately afterwards.

Upcoming webinars

Hiden Analytical

Physics of dopant emission to harness the rainbow emission of nanocrystals

Live webinar on 14 April 2021 exploring the physics of Mn emission in nanocrystals, in partnership with The Electrochemical Society

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Hidden Analytical

The development of new ionic electrolytes for energy storage devices

Live webinar on 21 April 2021 exploring recent work on the design and use of new ionic materials, in partnership with The Electrochemical Society

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Raman imaging microscopy: The analytical multi-tool

Live webinar on 22 April 2021 exploring the principles of 3D Raman imaging

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PTW Dosimetry School

Best practice: How to choose the right detector for your water phantom

Live webinar on 29 April 2021 to find answers to frequently asked questions on radiation detectors and to receive advice on how to choose the best detector for a specific application

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Inverse planning with Leksell Gamma Knife Lightning: Clinical plan quality and efficiency

Live webinar on 18 May 2021 comparing manual forward treatment planning for Leksell Gamma Knife SRS to inverse planning

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E2E test for spine stereotactic radiosurgery on MR-Linac using RTsafe Spine phantom

Live webinar on 21 May 2021 exploring the results of end-to-end dose measurements for spine stereotactic radiosurgery quality assurance test in both MR-Linac and a conventional linac

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Modus QA

End-to-End QA with the QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom: TPS and SBRT

Exploring the flexibility of the QUASAR™ Multi-Purpose Body Phantom tool

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Accuracy, feasibility and reliability of linac-based VMAT technique for total body irradiation (TBI)

Exploring the feasibility, accuracy and reliability of VMAT-based TBI treatment in patients

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Real-time treatment verification with the Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) System

Exploring the Elekta Assurance real time QA solution

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Quantitative MRI for biological image-guided adaptive radiotherapy

Exploring quantitative MRI methods on MRI-guided radiotherapy systems

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Agilent Vacuum Products

Introduction to scanning Auger spectroscopy and microscopy

Exploring the theoretical background of Auger electron spectroscopy and the necessary instrumentation, in partnership with IUVSTA

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Hiden Analytical, Agilent Vacuum Products

Focused Ion Beam: a ‘tool’ for micro/nano fabrication and characterization

Exploring Focused Ion Beam technology, in partnership with IUVSTA

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LAP GmbH Laser Applikationen

MR-Linac verification with RadCalc

Exploring how RadCalc can improve accuracy, efficiency, and safety in the QA process for MR-Linacs Unity and ViewRay

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Physics World

Fluorescence enhancement with DNA origami nanoantennas and further DNA molecular devices

Exploring DNA nanotechnology that can enable new applications in single-molecule biophysics and biosensing

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In partnership with The Electrochemical Society

The Electrochemical Society

Chemo-mechanics of preventing dendrite penetration in Li metal cells

Exploring chemo-mechanics and dendrites in Li metal cells

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HORIBA Scientific

Dynamic light scattering in electrochemical energy conversion systems

Exploring how dynamic light scattering helps prepare catalyst inks, in partnership with The Electrochemical Society

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Hiden Analytical, COMSOL Inc

Graphene and its supercapacitor applications

Exploring the supercapacitor applications of graphene, in partnership with The Electrochemical Society

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Hiden Analytical, COMSOL Inc.

Next-generation batteries for electric vehicles and stationary storage

Exploring the organic battery materials design in emerging rechargeable battery technologies, in partnership with The Electrochemical Society

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