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Medical physics and biophysics

Find the information you need from IOP Publishing’s world-leading medical physics and biophysics journals and books, dedicated to supporting and improving research across the field, from fundamental science through to novel applications and facilities.

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BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence is part of BAE Systems, and has a rich heritage in helping to defend nations and businesses around the world from advanced threats

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Electrochemical conversion of high-pressure carbon dioxide

A live webinar on 14 February 2024 exploring an environmentally friendly approach to upcycling CO2 emissions

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SPIE Photonics Europe 2024

7—11 April 2024 | Strasbourg, France
SPIE Photonics Europe is a cross-disciplinary event highlighting compelling optics and photonics technologies – from digital optics to quantum technologies to optical imaging, sensing, and metrology

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