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Celebrating 10 years of IOP ebooks

Nothing says celebration quite as well as free ebooks! Join us as we commemorate 10 years of publishing quality, innovative and ground-breaking books for the physical sciences. And enter our quiz to win one of ten ebooks every month.

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Medical physics and biophysics

Find the information you need from IOP Publishing’s world-leading medical physics and biophysics journals and books, dedicated to supporting and improving research across the field, from fundamental science through to novel applications and facilities.

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Physics World Jobs offers a range of opportunities for jobseekers with a background in physics or engineering. At all stages of your career, we can help find the job for you

BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence is part of BAE Systems, and has a rich heritage in helping to defend nations and businesses around the world from advanced threats

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Tune into online presentations that allow expert speakers to explain novel tools and applications

Powering the Future: Clean Energy Anywhere, Anytime through Energy Harvesting Materials

This webinar, on 26 September 2023, will explore the immense potential of ambient energy harvesting materials. Imagine a world where clean power is harnessed from our surroundings, anytime and anywhere, unlocking the path to achieving net-zero emissions.

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Quantum Materials in the Quantum Information Era

This one week workshop in Dresden, Saxony, Germany from 25–29 September will include talks on quantum magnetism, 2D systems, and novel topological electronic systems including combined topics and recent developments

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