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International Day of Light

To celebrate the first ever International Day of Light, this special collection explores the success and commercial impact of research into optics, photonics and lasers

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Nanotechnology in action

Read our special collection to explore some of the challenges and opportunities associated with turning advances in nanotechnology into commercial products

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Sustainable futures

Explore our special collection of videos and articles highlighting the latest interdisciplinary research on local and global environmental challenges, plus solutions for creating more sustainable technologies and societies


brightrecruits offers a range of opportunities for jobseekers with a background in physics or engineering. At all stages of your career, we can help find the job for you

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Stay up to date with the latest international conferences, symposia and exhibitions for interdisciplinary scientists working across academic research and industry

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The Researchers in Schools programme is delivered by The Brilliant Club, an award-winning charity that exists to widen access to highly-selective universities for pupils from under-represented groups. The way that we do this is by recruiting, training and placing doctoral and post-doctoral researchers in non-selective state schools across the country.

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Life Beyond Earth
There has been, until now, no compelling evidence for biology beyond the confines of our own planet. And yet, people who investigate this topic feel confident that – within two decades – we will trip across life forms that are not, and never have been, earthlings. Why are they so optimistic that we will soon find some cosmic confrères, and what might be the implications of such a discovery?

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The 10th International Workshop on Nanoscale Spectroscopy and Nanotechnology – NSS10

10—13 September 2018, Oxford, UK
NSS10 bringing together experts to discuss and share the information on latest research advances of science and technology in the nanoscale regime including (but not limited to) electronic, optical, magnetic, mechanical and transport properties of nanoscale systems and nanoscale devices, as well as characterisation tools to study them. It will additionally focus on low dimensional materials, catalysis, energy materials, topological materials and their practical applications.

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