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Vacuum and cryogenics

Vacuum and cryogenics

Applications of Cryogenics: Past, Present, Future

Date: 27 July 2018, 2 p.m. BST

Presenter: Jorge Pelegrín Mosquera – research fellow at University of Southampton

Jorge Pelegrin attended the University of Zaragoza (Spain) where he completed a Master’s in physics and physical technology and a PhD in physics, the “Study of thermal stability processes in MgB2 and REBCO wires and tapes”. During this period, he was a visiting researcher at the University of Southampton (UK) and the University of Genoa (Italy), studying and manufacturing superconducting wires and coils.

Jorge is currently a research fellow at the University of Southampton where he has been involved in projects such as the application of superconductors in wind turbines and the properties of materials at low temperature used in the construction of cryogenic tanks.



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