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Explore the magazine archive to find previous editions of Physics World. You can also find our free-to-read subject-focused Briefings series and Physics World Careers guide.

Archive of previous issues

Physics World monthly editions

An archive of all monthly issues exclusively available for members of the Institute of Physics. Not a member? See the IOP site for more details of how to join. More issues will be added soon.

Physics World Careers guide: coming soon

This annual guide showcases the diverse range of career options available to physics graduates. As well as profiles of leading employers, the guide also includes case studies and careers advice.

Physics World Briefings series

Our subject-specific supplements to Physics World. Each issue contains key research updates, interviews with leading figures and in-depth features focusing on a specific topic in physics.

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To access the new digital editions of Physics World simply register for a free account. When creating your account, follow the instructions to link your Physics World account with your IOPConnect account – you’ll only need to complete this step once. Make sure that you are signed in to your Physics World account and you’ll be able to access all of the monthly issues of the magazine.

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