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News: June 2013

Tsunamis could be spotted from magnetic anomalies

Deadly waves could be tracked by satellites

Laser creates high-energy positron beam

Tabletop experiment could simulate astrophysical jets

Earth-observation sensor adapted to hunt explosives

System is sensitive and flexible, say inventors

Phototransistor combines graphene and chlorophyll

New approach boosts sensitivity to light

Nanoparticles control blood-vessel growth

Coated gold particles could inhibit tumours

Sterile-neutrino hunt gathers pace at Gran Sasso

New experiment could shed light on controversial particle

Entangled atom–photon pairs created on demand

System could be used in quantum networks

How to hear the shape of a room

'Audio forensics' could benefit from new echolocation technique

'Charged charmonium' confounds particle physicists

Mystery particle spotted in two different experiments

Physicist Kenneth Wilson dies at 77

Nobel laureate developed theory of phase transitions

Livermore slashes 10 per cent of workforce

Final 2014 budget to still face "uphill battle in Congress this summer"

Graphene circuit breaks the gigahertz barrier

All-graphene microwave circuits could be possible

Putting a new spin on variable stars

New class of pulsating stars that defy current theories is discovered

Nanotube sensor detects Lyme disease

Transistor-based device could rival traditional immunoassays

Quantum computer solves simple linear equations

New technique could be scaled-up to solve more complex problems

Quantum teleportation done between distant large objects

Spin state transferred between atomic gases

Monopoles unwind magnetic whorls

Skyrmion study could lead to better data storage

Positive or negative? Nanoparticle surface charge affects cell-membrane interactions

New result could be important for biomedical applications such as drug delivery and anti-cancer treatments

Monster gas cloud could unveil Milky Way's black-hole hub

X-rays emitted by cloud could be seen by NASA's NuSTAR and Chandra

A cloak in time

Researchers build a temporal cloak based on the Talbot effect

Pulsars map the way for space missions

Spacecraft could be navigated using X-ray emissions from millisecond pulsars

Do dark-matter discs envelop galaxies?

New type of strongly interacting dark matter suggested