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Physics World is the world's leading physics magazine. Every month it is sent to all members of the Institute of Physics, a leading scientific society that works to advance physics for the benefit of all.

Each issue of Physics World covers the big stories and key issues that matter to scientists in all parts of the world, including features from acclaimed physicists and science writers, comprehensive news and analysis, and incisive opinion pieces. Every month you’ll also find valuable careers advice, reviews of the best new books, and updates on the latest research breakthroughs and physics-based technologies.

Physics World is published once a month in print and as a digital edition that can be accessed via our apps for iOS, Android and Web browsers. To receive your copy, you'll need to become a member of the Institute of Physics.

Subscriptions are also available for libraries, companies and institutions. To order or enquire about these, e-mail

Physics World Careers

Produced in conjunction with brightrecruits, this annual guide showcases the diverse range of career opportunities available to physics graduates. In addition to comprehensive profiles of leading employers, Physics World Careers includes insightful case studies and sound careers advice to help early-career scientists make informed choices about their future.

Physics World Discovery

This series of short-form ebooks, written by leading voices from across the scientific community, offers expert insights into some of the hottest topics in physics. The Physics World Discovery collection is an ideal starting point for anyone seeking to understand these fast-moving fields.

Physics World Special Reports

Physics World is the only physics magazine with a truly global agenda. Our regional special reports highlight the challenges and opportunities for science in specific geographic regions, providing must-read insights for anyone in the international scientific community.

Physics World Focus

Our Focus series examines how physics-based technologies drive business innovation and commercial growth. Each issue covers a specific industry sector, and each one is free to read in the Physics World app.

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