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Explore our special collections on the trending topics and key issues that matter to scientists in all parts of the world. We'll be adding new collections on a regular basis; let us know at if you have any special requests.

Claire Lifan Chen at CNSI

Revolutions in computing

Scientists are exploiting the continuing advances in computing power to explore and understand ever more complex systems. From advanced computer models that can probe the properties of many different physical systems, to machine learning to quantum computing, check out our special collection.

Supercool physics

Experiments that probe the exotic behaviour of matter at ultralow temperatures depend on the latest cryogenics technology. This special collection explores the tools and techniques used at cryogenic temperatures, as well as some of the latest research in low-temperature physics

The business of space

Explore the latest trends and commercial opportunities associated with designing, building, launching and exploiting space-based technologies

Flash of light

International Day of Light

To celebrate the first ever International Day of Light, this special collection explores the success and commercial impact of research into optics, photonics and lasers

smart material

Nanotechnology in action

Read our special collection to explore some of the challenges and opportunities associated with turning advances in nanotechnology into commercial products

Bioprinting graphic

Frontiers in biofabrication

The remarkable progress in 3D bioprinting is now allowing scientists to fabricate artificial tissues and organs that could one day be implanted into the human body. This series of reports offers an insight into some of the most exciting recent advances, many of which were originally published in the IOP Publishing journal Biofabrication.

Sustainable futures

Explore our special collection of videos and articles highlighting the latest interdisciplinary research on local and global environmental challenges, plus solutions for creating more sustainable technologies and societies

cherry blossoms in Tokyo

Physics in Japan

Take a closer look at physics in Japan, from the best recent research through to career opportunities and the changing funding and policy landscape.

Stephen Hawking

Remembering Stephen Hawking

Following the death of Stephen Hawking on 14 March 2018, we bring you a collection of articles and videos linked to the work of the legendary cosmologist and mathematical physicist, including some of the research papers that he wrote.

New era beckons for multimessenger astronomy

When LIGO detected gravitational waves from the collision of two neutron stars on 17 August 2017, more than 70 telescopes and observatories operating across the full electromagnetic spectrum trained their sights on the merger and its aftermath. This collection traces the route to that single event, and explores what it means for the future of multimessenger astronomy.

Ordinary people, extraordinary careers

A background in physics can lead to a diverse range of careers in academia, industry or beyond. This collection explores the colourful range of physics careers, as well as some of the barriers that remain for certain individuals and groups, particularly around access and equality.



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