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All our writers and editors have the deep scientific knowledge needed to identify the most significant breakthroughs and to provide readers with an accurate insight into the latest scientific results and commercial innovations. By clearly presenting the wider context of newly reported work, we give our readers the information and understanding they need to do their jobs better.

Meet our journalists

  • Hamish Johnston
    Editor (general physics)

    Hamish Johnston

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  • Tami Freeman
    Editor (medical and biophysics)

    Tami Freeman

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  • Liz Kalaugher
    Editor (environment and energy)

    Liz Kalaugher

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  • Anna Demming
    Editor (materials science)

    Anna Demming

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  • James Dacey
    Multimedia Projects Editor

    James Dacey

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  • Kate Gardner
    Content and Production Manager

    Kate Gardner

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  • Margaret Harris
    Industry Editor

    Margaret Harris

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  • Michael Banks
    News Editor

    Michael Banks

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  • Tushna Commissariat
    Reviews and Careers Editor

    Tushna Commissariat

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  • Sarah Tesh
    Features Editor

    Sarah Tesh

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  • Matin Durrani
    Managing Editor (publications)

    Matin Durrani

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  • Susan Curtis
    Managing Editor (online)

    Susan Curtis

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