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Reptile skin inspires super-slippery steel surfaces

Copying patterns found on snakes and lizards could reduce friction in tiny machines

Graphene coating boosts battery performance

Carbon layers allows silicon nanoparticles to expand and contract without damage

US survey reveals high value of physicists to industry

"First systematic study" of PhD physicists in the private sector

Spectrometer made from quantum dots is compact and low cost

Devices could someday be used in household appliances

Astroparticle physics funding in the UK is 'critically low', says Institute of Physics

Report says British researchers should expand leadership roles in international projects

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White papers

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Separating digital acquisition and processing from local computing via PCIe expansion

A PCIe expansion solution can be a very effective tool to separate the functions of a computer system. A white paper from Vadatech

Kurt J Lesker company enables propulsion research

The Boğaziçi University Space Technologies Laboratory presents its research findings into sourcing reliable technologies for testing space simulation. A white paper from Kurt J Lesker

The taccor comb – high-power frequency comb with 1 GHz mode spacing

Optical frequency combs based on femtosecond lasers are invaluable tools in optical metrology and spectroscopy. A white paper from Laser Quantum

IOP Publishing Impact Factor growth


The 2014 Impact Factors, published by Thomson Reuters, once again show significant growth for journals published by IOP Publishing.

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Shorter queues for taxiing planes?

How to deal with the "mini-tornadoes" or wing-tip vortexes created by aircraft taking off



Why do we need new types of optical fibres?

Video Next-generation optical fibres could boost medicine and industry


Vidya Deepa: the lamp of knowledge

Video How portable LED lights are helping students in a rural Indian community

Going beyond 'shut up and calculate'

Podcast Science journalist Amanda Gefter talks about her quest to understand what modern physics has to say about the ultimate nature of reality



The restless rocks of Racetrack Playa

The rocks in California's Racetrack Playa are on the move, but how? Brian Jackson describes how he and his colleagues solved a decades-old mystery



Black elephants

Robert P Crease tackles scientific rituals that we recognize but don't talk about



A quest for ultimate reality

An enlightening and deeply personal tour of some of the edgiest, most puzzling elements of modern cosmology, reviewed by Melanie Windridge


The cradle of modern science

Steven Weinberg's latest book offers rich insights on the history of science, but reviewer Paul Montgomery finds its treatment of philosophy frustrating

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