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Nuclear waste heads into the virtual realm

Repository design made cheap and easy with new tool

Could pulsars explain the positron excess?

AMS-02 dataset accounted for without dark-matter contribution

Plasmonic waveguide stops light in its tracks

Design could help build 'stopped-light laser'

Single-atom gates open the door to quantum computing

Independent teams unveil a basic building block of a quantum computer

Acoustic metamaterial can be reconfigured in a jiffy

Breakthrough could lead to ultrasonic superlenses

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White papers

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Beam spot size as a function of excitation levels of magnetic quadrupoles

An overview of the focusing properties of magnetic quadrupoles and how beam spot size can be determined using arc segment emitters. A white paper from Integrated Engineering Software

New: 2D Materials publishes its first articles


2D Materials is a new multidisciplinary journal devoted to publishing fundamental and applied research of the highest quality and impact covering all aspects of graphene and related two-dimensional materials.

Free to read for the whole of 2014, the first articles and video abstracts in the journal have now been published. 2D Materials welcomes high-quality submissions from across the community that report significant advances in the fundamental properties, novel applications or manufacture of any class of two-dimensional material.

Submit to 2D Materials.

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Boosting innovation in Brazil

Physics World talks to one of the bosses of the main funding agency in the country's second-largest state



Plutonium’s toxic legacy

Podcast Exploring the hidden histories of the American and Soviet “atomic cities” with Kate Brown, author of Plutopia

Walter Lewin demonstrates moment of inertia

Walter Lewin – a truly inspirational teacher

Videos The legendary physics professor tests Physics World's basic physics knowledge in a fun demo and discusses his work in an interview



The power of silence

Felicity Mellor explains why today's physicists need time and space to think



Feynman's failings

Why, asks Robert P Crease, do people still love Richard Feynman's Lectures on Physics 50 years after they were first published?



Hunting for neutrinos

Neutrino science gets a turn in the popular-physics limelight as Brian Clegg reviews an accessible new account of the field's history

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Physics World Focus on Medical Imaging

Free to view: This special issue looks at the clinical applications and research advances in medical imaging

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