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Paradoxical pigeons are the latest quantum conundrum

Electron interferometry could test new quantum effect

CERN accelerators come alive for LHC restart

Multitude of experiments will be switched on during the next four months

Plasmonic chip diagnoses diabetes

Gold nanoparticles could help with early disease detection

New medical probe combines sound and electromagnetic induction

Technique could give doctors a “feel” for internal organs

How to avoid earthquakes when storing carbon dioxide underground

Mapping faults and monitoring seismicity could make storage less risky

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Beam spot size as a function of excitation levels of magnetic quadrupoles

An overview of the focusing properties of magnetic quadrupoles and how beam spot size can be determined using arc segment emitters. A white paper from Integrated Engineering Software

New: 2D Materials publishes its first articles


2D Materials is a new multidisciplinary journal devoted to publishing fundamental and applied research of the highest quality and impact covering all aspects of graphene and related two-dimensional materials.

Free to read for the whole of 2014, the first articles and video abstracts in the journal have now been published. 2D Materials welcomes high-quality submissions from across the community that report significant advances in the fundamental properties, novel applications or manufacture of any class of two-dimensional material.

Submit to 2D Materials.

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“Outspoken” scientist reveals his Hollywood life

Caltech cosmologist Sean Carroll explains why films need better science



Sean Carroll's guide to making better science movies

Podcast Cosmologist Sean Carroll discusses his other life as a science adviser to Hollywood

What is the valley of death?

Video Stan Reiss describes the financial challenges faced by spin-off companies in this quirky animation



Theories of the dark side

Jeff Forshaw reviews "state of play" for various theories about the nature of dark matter and dark energy



Mathematical bridges

Robert P Crease looks at a mathematics conference that could teach physicists a thing or two

Nanoethical concerns

Using nanotechnology to teach ethics has its pros and cons, finds Robert P Crease



Electricity, eels and evolution

The role of electric eels and other electrogenic animals in guiding early studies of electricity is revealed in this fascinating book, reviewed by Brian Rasnow

A century of general relativity

An intellectual history of Einstein's general theory of relativity, reviewed by Cormac O'Raifeartaigh

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Physics World Focus on Nanotechnology

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