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Spectacular collision of two neutron stars observed for first time

LIGO–Virgo collaboration and dozens of telescopes see gravitational waves and gamma rays from stupendous event, triggering new era in "multi-messenger astronomy"

Ultracold molecules with electric and magnetic moments stick around

Long-lived molecules could shed light on the hyperfine interaction

Mpemba effect could occur in granular fluids

Odd phenomenon that hot water freezes faster than cold appears to be mirrored in granular media

Experiments shed new light on how life-giving carbon is forged in stars

Physicists monitor decay of carbon-12's Hoyle state

Do topological waves occur in the oceans?

Kelvin and Yanai waves share similarities with topological insulators

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White papers

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Single molecule spectroscopy using tunable lasers

Research from the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Erlangen, Germany. A white paper from HÜBNER Photonics 

Tunable lasers at work with trapped ions

Research from the AMO research group at the University of Freiburg, Germany. A white paper from HÜBNER Photonics 

Simulation for the masses

How modern simulation software and hardware are revolutionizing the simulation-led design workflow. A white paper from COMSOL

The Ringed Planet – free to read for a limited time


The Ringed Planet will take you on a dramatic, beautifully illustrated journey of discovery through the Saturn system. Cassini's instruments have revealed never seen before details, including the only extraterrestrial lakes known in the solar system, and have provided unprecedented views of the rings.

Click here to download.

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Watch the video, Introduction to Virtual NanoLab as GUI for VASP

QuantumWise A/S

In this video you will learn how to create POSCAR files in Virtual NanoLab and how to create input files for VASP calculations using the VASP Scripter of Virtual NanoLab.

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A glimpse of Einstein in Zurich

Sarah Tesh visits IBM Research and ETH Zurich



Illuminating a radio icon

Podcast How the historic Lovell telescope was transformed into a multimedia art installation


Faces of Physics: human organs on a chip

Video Bio-inspired engineering could pave the way to personalized treatments



Show us your metal

Harvard physicists Isaac Silvera and Ranga Dias claim they made metallic hydrogen, but other remain unconvinced. Jon Cartwright explores both sides of the argument


Starting out strong

Choosing meaningful research topics at the start of a career is essential, say Philip G Judge, Isabel Lipartito and Roberto Casini, as they give their tips for the budding research scientist



Making space

Robert P Crease reveals that space is not always as we know it


Serving the public

Congressman Bill Foster calls on more physicists to get involved at all levels of government and politics



Science at the Fringe

Andrew Glester visits this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe and reviews three of the several science-themed shows at this year’s festival

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Physics World Focus on Neutron Science

Free to read Understanding lightning strikes, how industry exploits neutrons, balancing security and accessibility

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