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Physics World connects you with an international audience of professional physicists and interdisciplinary scientists.

Our award-winning portfolio of magazines, industry-focused supplements and daily science news and commentary provide your organization with a flexible and customized promotional package that engages a global scientific readership.

With a wide variety of advertising options available, we take a consultative approach to help you identify the best range of solutions to suit your needs. Download our media pack to take a look at the opportunities we have available for you, before getting in touch with us to find out more.

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Our team of sales executives has extensive experience working with clients to provide the best range of solutions possible for display and recruitment advertising. Contact Chris Thomas for more information


Physics World is the most trusted and respected provider of science news, features and commentary for the global physics community.

Reflecting the increasingly cross-disciplinary and international nature of scientific research with an award-winning content programme that seeks to inform, educate and connect a global scientific readership.

A wide variety of print advertising opportunities are available, with all print adverts being replicated in the digital versions of our magazines.


Physics World is the number-one science news service for professional physicists and interdisciplinary scientists working in academic research and industry.

More content, more writers, more coverage, more often. The relaunch of our online news service is a key part of our mission to communicate world-class research and innovation to the widest possible audience.

With 15 subject categories available, your message can be as broad or as targeted as you want. Advertising options include traditional banner advertising online and in our newsletters, as well as webinars, custom content services, video production and sponsored search terms.


Advertising in Physics World gives you exposure to highly qualified physicists.

Reach high-calibre candidates with the skills to excel by advertising your opportunities with Physics World. Not only do we have a recruitment section within each issue of Physics World magazine, we also have the dedicated annual publication Physics World Careers targeted at early-career scientists. 

Contact any of our recruitment specialists to find out more about how we can help fill your vacancies, or talk to us about video production and webinars to promote your organization or upcoming studentships and graduate schemes.

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