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Simulating Heat Transfer with COMSOL®: Knowing Your Material Properties

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Watch the video, Introduction to Virtual NanoLab as GUI for VASP

QuantumWise A/S

In this video you will learn how to create POSCAR files in Virtual NanoLab and how to create input files for VASP calculations using the VASP Scripter of Virtual NanoLab.

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Print edition: February 2008


Holography gets smart

Exploring the potential of holograms that can respond

Radio giants come into focus

New observations could shed light on galaxies that have radio “lobes” spanning hundreds of millions of light-years

William Cavendish: the man behind the lab

Looking at the founding father of the Cavendish Laboratory


World's smallest bible

Room service

Screen star

Showered with surprises


Big burst fails to make waves

Monopoles no ice

Dark-matter map illuminates dark energy's push

Cloak of silence revealed

Scanning speeds ahead

News & Analysis

US physicists face tough year ahead

Physicists count the cost of opposition to the Pope

Protests put top job for ex-CERN boss in limbo

Firm offers $1.6bn lift into space

UK launches review into physics

Telescope project gets $30m in gifts

Canada replaces nuclear-safety chief

KEK outlines bold future for article physics

UK government opts for nuclear power

A passion for history

Doing physics in Second Life

What is there for physicists in this virtual world?

Quantum physicist joins Japan's elite


Second thoughts

Doing physics in Second Life

Real thoughts

Physicists owe a lot to the foresight of William Cavendish


Giving students a taste of research

Critical Point

Constant failure

Robert P Crease wonders if fundamental constants like π and h are the most appropriate to use


Diamond is on budget

MAGIC clarifications

Co-operation – not competition – wins race

Fortran experiences

More physics twins

Don't panic – bathe!

Spin pioneers

Quiz results

Answers to the Quiz of the Year 2007


A remarkable legacy

The lasting impact of Joseph Rotblat

Blog life: Dynamics of Cats

Steinn Sigurdsson on theories of everything, funding crises and cured skate

Thinking big

A star-studded adventure

Something from nothing

Divine inspiration

Joyriding through physics


Physics for a safer world

A job in the UK’s Home Office Scientific Development Branch

Once a physicist: Chris Rapley

The new boss of London’s Science Museum on solar flares, climate change and communicating with the public

Careers and people

Lateral Thoughts

The Institute of Psychics?