In our latest video report, Ariane Koek, head of CERN's arts programme, takes us beyond cutting-edge science to explore the thriving arts scene at what is Europe's foremost particle-physics lab. "The scientists here are very creative, very engaged in things other than particle physics," she tells reporter James Dacey.

Koek's job is to shape CERN's arts policy and the lab is already building bridges with the art world by appointing artists as creative patrons. One of these is the celebrated British artist Antony Gormley, who recently donated a sculpture to CERN in recognition of the impact that particle physics has had on his work. Just press "Play" to get up close to Gormley's work, which is currently hidden away in one of CERN's warehouses.

This report is the final instalment of our four-part video series from CERN. Visit the multimedia page for special reports from the ALICE and CLOUD experiments, as well as a short film about the search for the Higgs boson.