The crossword puzzle was created using a software package developed by Lewis. The instructor simply types the clues and their answers into the program, which then creates the crossword grid. Although the students are given a hard copy of the puzzle, they have to enter their solutions over the Internet with a Java capable browser (see, for example, The Java program then marks the puzzle and sends the grade to the lecturer. Bradstreet and Steelman hope to make the network programs available at little or no cost to other universities.

However, academics at the University of Washington have called the growth of interactive computer tools in education "naive" and potentially "disastrous". Their letter was triggered by the actions of the 2020 Commission, a planning committee for higher education in the state. Reports from the committee down-played the role of universities as centres of learning and concentrated on the benefits of multimedia education. University staff were angry that the committee did not include any academics. "Distance learning should be a supplement to higher education, not a central feature of it, " the letter says.