The IPP runs a tokamak called ASDEX and is also building a stellarator fusion device known as Wendelstein 7-X at it lab in Greifswald. If ITER is built in Japan, Bradshaw says he will lobby for Garching to become the European control room. He also hopes to upgrade ASDEX. “After the Joint European Torus is shut down in 2002, ASDEX Upgrade will be the most important tokamak in Europe” he says.

Although Bradshaw is not a plasma physicist, he points out that he was wide experience in scientific management and in running a large facility. “But I see my main asset, ” he told PhysicsWeb, “as a firm conviction that fusion is a viable and, above all, environmentally friendly energy source. We have a responsibility towards future generations to continue research and development until a demonstration fusion power station is operating. This will be the next step beyond ITER.”