The new Buyer's Guide contains information on a wide range of physics equipment: cryogenics, lab electronics, lasers, magnets, microscopy, power supplies, test & measurement and vacuum are just some of the categories included in the Buyer's Guide. More than 2000 companies are listed in the guide, and a sophisticated search facility makes it easy to research new products and services, or request additional information. Check the Buyer's Guide out for yourself at

Another improvement is that access to all the articles on PhysicsWeb is now free - which is why the buttons for News, Reviews and Physics World on the left of the screen have changed from red to blue. Observant users will notice that one of the buttons - Member Services - has remained red. This is because these services - such as the on-line change-of-address form - are only relevant to members of the Institute of Physics. If you want more information about joining the Institute click here.