Donald Perkins of the University of Oxford in the UK wins the 2001 High-Energy and Particle Physics prize, for his studies of neutrinos and their use as a probe of the quark structure of nucleons.

Arnulf Quadt of Bonn University in Germany is named as the 2001 Young Particle Physicist for his investigations into proton structure. In the US, cosmological studies linking gravitation to the properties of particles earns Steven Gubser of the California Institute of Technology the Gribov medal, which is named after Vladimir Gribov, a founder of modern particle physics.

The European Physical Society's Outreach Prize is awarded to Christine Sutton of the University of Oxford and Erik Johansson of the University of Stockholm for successfully raising the profile of high-energy and particle physics - in the public, professional and educational arenas - through innovative use of both electronic and traditional media.