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Particles and interactions

Particles and interactions

Bountiful exotic hadrons at the LHC inspire new naming convention

22 Jul 2022 Hamish Johnston

Earlier this month the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) began its third experimental run after being shut for upgrades to both the collider and its experiments. The LHC is now running at a higher energy than before, but perhaps more importantly, it is running at a much higher rate of particle collisions.

This means that physicists working on the LHCb experiment are looking forward to discovering more exotic hadrons as well as learning more about the many tetraquarks and pentaquarks that they have already found.

This week’s guests on the Physics World Weekly podcast are LHCb collaboration members Elisabetta Spadaro Norella of Italy’s INFN in Milan and the University of Milan and Tim Gershon at the UK’s University of Warwick. They describe some of the exotic hadrons that have been recently discovered by LHCb and explain why the collaboration has published a new “Exotic hadron naming convention”. The two particle physicists also look forward to future discoveries at LHCb.

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