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Cryptic quantum-physics word search: the solution

01 May 2024

Here are the answers to our cryptic quantum-physics word search, created by Ian Randall. If you want to give it a go, don’t look down – click here.

Word search answers

Wave range? A plum tide at sea (9) [AMPLITUDE]

Sequence of hobo sonata carries force (5) [BOSON]

Yell out “circle” immediately? Overpowered freezer (8) [CRYOSTAT]

Nineties served up “greatest physicist” candidate (8) [EINSTEIN]

Devotion to closeness (8) [FIDELITY]                                                                       

Hubbub after unwanted disturbances (5) [NOISE]                                                               

Line, we heard, for bishop with computers? A quantum of quantum (5) [QUBIT]

Inky creature is sensitive about fields (5) [SQUID]

Ill gent, nun in a bad way? It’s barrier breaking (10)  [TUNNELLING]

Single cat is smallest matter (4) [ATOM]

Odd chart reveals quantum victim, potentially (3) [CAT]                                                     

Policeman finds right account for electron equation chap (5) [DIRAC]

Power to get-up-and-go (6) [ENERGY]

Physicist namesake for fictional meth lord? Cooking begins here (10) [HEISENBERG]

Nobel winner recited isometric exercise (6) [PLANCK]

Australian quantum physicist brings short model to space mountain (7) [SIMMONS]

Situation report, clearly (5) [STATE]

Danish physicist sounds like a pig (4) [BOHR]

Run out after firm hand? Result of quantum measurement (8) [COLLAPSE]

Gee, it’s neat! Uncertain, when some things are predictable (10) [EIGENSTATE]

Iron soldier charged? Obeys exclusion principle (7) [FERMION]

Mr Munster gets a bearing on often overlooked German quantum pioneer (7) [HERMANN]

Take his head! Queen killed dispatcher for sending secret messages (3) [QKD]

Rushes backwards in pirouette (4) [SPIN]

Creamy pus? Doctor to have the upper hand (9) [SUPREMACY]

And the hidden phrase: “This year is the centenary of the first prediction of Bose-Einstein condensates”

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