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Electrocatalysis towards carbon neutrality

23 Jun 2022 Sponsored by JPhys Energy, Hiden Analytical

Available to watch now, the IOP Publishing journal JPhys Energy, in partnership with Hiden Analytical, explores electrocatalysis towards carbon neutrality

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IOP Publishing’s open access journal JPhys Energy will host a webinar on electrocatalysis. Prof. Tong-Bu Lu, professor of Tianjin University of Technology and editorial board member of JPhys Energy will be the chair for the webinar.

Join the webinar to hear from our two invited speakers, Prof. Marc Robert from University Paris Cité and Prof. Xin Wang from Nanyang Technological University, who will be discussing their recent research in electrocatalysis.

Want to learn more on this subject?

Professor Tong-Bu Lu is the chair of School of Materials Science and Engineering at the Tianjin University of Technology, Zhujiang Scholar,  Distinguished Young Scholars, a fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, UK,  and editorial board member of JPhys Energy.  His research interests include the artificial photosynthesis catalysts, including photoelectrocatalytic water splitting to prepare clean hydrogen energy catalysts (including OER and HER Catalysts), carbon dioxide reduction catalysts.

Prof. Marc Robert is the director of the chemistry master programme at University of Paris and chair for innovation, senior member, University Institute of France, IUF. He focuses his research on the molecular electrochemistry, electron transfer reactivity and mechanisms, proton-coupled electron transfers processes, electrochemical and photochemical activation of small molecules (CO2, H2O, N2).

Prof. Xin Wang is Cheng Tsang Man chair professor in energy and chair of School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at Nanyang Technological University, a fellow of the Academy of Engineering in Singapore, and a fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry, UK. He has research interests in nanostructure control, surface functionalization and interface tuning for selective electrocatalysis towards key electrochemical reactions for energy and environmental applications.

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