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Estimating Lake Urmia’s recovery

14 Aug 2018

Lake Urmia in north-western Iran, one of the world’s largest saline lakes, has shrunk rapidly. Find out more about the causes and estimated recovery time in this video abstract published in Environmental Research Letters (ERL) by Aneseh AlborziAli MirchiHamed MoftakhariIman MallakpourSara AlianAli NazemiElmira HassanzadehOmid MazdiyasniSamaneh AshrafKaveh MadaniHamid NorouziMarzi AzarderakhshAli MehranMojtaba SadeghAndrea Castelletti and Amir AghaKouchak. ERL comes to you from Physics World parent IOP Publishing.

Video courtesy CC-BY 3.0, Aneseh Alborzi et al Climate-informed environmental inflows to revive a drying lake facing meteorological and anthropogenic droughts 2018 Environ. Res. Lett. 13 084010

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