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Soft matter and liquids

Soft matter and liquids

How sidewinder snakes slither sideways, the challenges of creating sustainable infrastructure

11 Feb 2021 Hamish Johnston

In this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast we meet physicist Jennifer Rieser who has just moved from the Georgia Institute of Technology to Emory University, where she studies how snakes use tiny structures on their undersides to help propel themselves. Rieser talks about her recent research that suggests that microscopic pits on the bellies of sidewinder snakes help the reptiles achieve their sidewinding motion.

Also on hand is Arpad Horvath of the University of California, Berkeley who is founding editor-in-chief of the new journal Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability. He chats about the challenges of designing infrastructure that is environmentally sustainable. He also talks about the scope of the new journal and his plans for its future.

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