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Indian scientists protest over funding

10 Aug 2017 Michael Banks
Indian students and scientists in Kolkata rally during the India March for Science
Taking to the streets: Scientists in India protest over science spending. (Courtesy: PIYAL ADHIKARY / EPA / REX / Shutterstock)

Thousands of scientists and students across 25 Indian cities have taken to the streets to protest over the government’s lack of support for science. The march was organized by the Breakthrough Science Society – a non-profit advocacy group based in Kolkata.

Many of the protestors held banners with messages such as “Defend science, don’t defund science”. They are calling on the government to increase science spending to 3% of GDP, much higher than the current 0.9% and the government’s target of 2%. The organizers also call on the Indian government to spend 10% of GDP on education as well as to end its promotion of “unscientific ideas”.

The demonstrations in India follow the March for Science on 22 April, which saw thousands gather in around 600 cities to support scientific research. That march was endorsed by more than 200 scientific organizations and sought to promote the value of science – and scientists – to society.

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