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Institute of Physics launches new blog

03 Apr 2013 Hamish Johnston
Jim Al Khalili joins the ranks of physicsfocus bloggers

By Hamish Johnston

The Institute of Physics has just launched a new blog called physicsfocus that is described as “an online space for the physics community to read about and comment on issues that concern them”.

The Institute – which publishes – has recruited nine bloggers from across the physics community to contribute “comment and analysis on a wide range of physics matters, from particles to policy, education to energy”.

The roster includes Athene Donald and Jim Al Khalili, two physicists who already have high profiles in science communication.

Rounding out the team are astronomer Andy Newsam, accelerator physicist Suzy Sheehy, science historian Amy Shira Teitel, physics teacher and author Alom Shaha, mathematical physicist Mike Evans, nanotechnologist Philip Moriarty and the science writer Jude Dineley, who has written for us about medical physics.

You can read all about the bloggers here.

There are three blog entries up already: Suzy Sheehy describes a week in the life of an accelerator designer; Jim Al Khalili riffs on science communication; and Andy Newsam gives his take on the Planck mission results.

Sheehy’s week is not for the faint-hearted. I found it exhausting, and I walk five miles a day!

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