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Kites that generate electricity, physics of spattered blood, origin of heavy elements

31 Oct 2019 Hamish Johnston

It this latest episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast we meet the physicist Rolf Luchsinger, who wants to use hi-tech kites to generate electricity. He is the co-founder and chief executive of TwingTec and he talks to Margaret Harris about the company’s vision for airborne wind energy.

If television police procedurals are anything to go by, forensic investigators can extract lots of useful information from blood spatter patterns. Sarah Tesh discusses “The physics of blood spatter”, which appears in the October issue Physics World and points out some of the challenges of analysing blood-spatter evidence.

Finally, we marvel at the fact that a recent study of light from the merger of two neutron stars is the first spectroscopic evidence that neutron stars are made mostly of neutrons. That same light also confirms that such mergers are the origins of some of the heaviest elements in the universe.

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