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Medical physics

Medical physics

Knowledge sharing about the commissioning of the MRIdian and the optimization of the film quality assurance with online solution

03 Mar 2023 Sponsored by ViewRay

Available to watch now, a Women in Medical Physics webinar exploring commissioning and an online solution for the optimization of film quality assurance for MRIdian

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From Laura Bassi to Marie Curie, for centuries, women have been making important contributions to the world of physics. Now with ViewRay’s MRIdian system, women are leading the charge in bringing the latest advancement of MRI-guided radiation therapy to the forefront of radiation oncology and expanding the medical physics landscape.

Three months were dedicated to commissioning MRIdian through an extensive quality-assurance protocol.

In this webinar, we will first focus on the Beam Model validation and the evaluation of multiple detectors behaviours under a 0.35T magnetic field for both absolute and relative dosimetry.

We will then focus on the quality-assurance workflow and its optimization with the presentation of our online solution for film analysis. Indeed, film dosimetry is an extremely labour-intensive and operator-dependent process. As there were no dedicated commercially available tools to benefit from a standardized, robust and automated way of working with film, we built our own online platform to analyse the results.

This series of five webinars will specifically highlight women physicists across the globe that are using MRIdian to transform cancer care as we know it. Cathérine Jenny and Mathilde Croise will present this webinar.

This presentation is the fourth in a series of Women in Medical Physics, supported by ViewRay.

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Mathilde Croisé is a medical physicist at La Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital (Paris, France) since 2017. After getting a combined honours degree with an engineer diploma and a MSc in images and robotics, she pursued studies with a second MSc in medical physics and then entered the French School (INSTN, Paris, France) to become a medical physicist. Her internships were at McGill University Health Center (Montreal, Canada), in UZB (Brussel, Belgium), and in the Institut Curie (Paris, France). Today, she is fully involved in the clinical activities of the radiotherapy department with multiple TPS dosimetries and quality assurance of the machines (Clinac, Truebeam, GammaKnife, MRIdian, Tomotherapy, brachytherapy). In 2021, Mathilde became responsible for the commissioning of the MRIdian (ViewRay) and manages the quality-assurance workflow of the machine and its optimization.

Catherine Jenny, PhD, is the chief of the medical physics department of Sorbonne University Hospital group in Paris, France, since the department was created in 2020. Prior to that she was the chief of the medical physicists at La Pitié Salpêtrière Hospital, since 2012. She manages a team of 30 staff involved in radiation therapy, nuclear medicine and imaging, and tends to create a link as often as possible between the different specialties. She participates in high-decision meetings within the direction board and coordinates work groups for the hospital project. Catherine is regularly called upon to carry out reasearch projects inside the departement or even in collaboration with other french research institute. The implementation of the MRIdian in 2021 was a great project for her team as much as for the imaging physicist (with the MRI quality assurance) and the radiotherapy physicist (with the Linac under a magnetic field challenge). She takes great pleasure in supervizing her team and to defend the values of the public-hospital service.

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