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Marching for science

04 May 2017

Thousands of people took to the streets of Washington, DC on Saturday 22 April to voice their support for science. Endorsed by more than 200 scientific organizations including the American Physical Society, the March for Science sought to promote the value of science – and scientists – to society. Physicists were among those marching and they explain their reasons in this video report from the day, which also features some of the most memorable outfits and signs.

On the same day, there were there were almost 600 sister events across the globe in support of the March for Science gathering in Washington, DC. One such rally took place in Bristol, UK, where Physics World is produced, which included a range of speakers. Among them was British naturalist and TV presenter Chris Packham, who believes these events can trigger a wider movement to advocate more scientifically informed policy-making. You can hear what Packham had to say, and view highlights from the Bristol event, in the video report below.

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