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Materials probed by ultrasound and a new trio of journals aim high

02 Aug 2018 James Dacey

In this episode of Physics World Weekly, James Dacey visits the department of engineering at the University of Bristol in the UK. He catches up with Bruce Drinkwater, a researcher who uses ultrasound to investigate material structures without damaging them. Bruce explains why ultrasound is such a useful tool for industry — especially aerospace — as well as academic uses for non-destructive analysis in art and archaeology.

Physics World is published by IOP Publishing, which also publishes journals, books, conference proceedings. One of the big recent developments is the launch of three new open-access journals in the fields of energy, materials and photonics. Later in the podcast, James catches up with IOP Publishing’s Daniel Jopling to find out why these journals are designed to innovate and have impact beyond the scientific community.

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