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Nuclear medicine

MILabs launches E-Class line of preclinical imaging systems

12 Jun 2018 Tami Freeman



E-Class imagers
MILabs' E-Class preclinical imaging systems allow researchers to start small and scale fast.

MILabs, a Dutch developer of molecular imaging systems, has launched the E-Class line of preclinical tomographic imaging products. The high-performance, economical PET, SPECT, optical and CT systems are designed for researchers with a limited budget who wish to get started on their research now, with the option to easily upgrade their system in the future.

“We have an exciting new range of E-class products in our portfolio, and these modular, standalone and integrated imagers are economical, exceptional and field-expandable,” says Frederik Beekman, CEO of MILabs. “We are enabling the cost-saving aspects by these entry level imaging systems, and we are confident that our global prospects will be enthusiastic that the E-Class PET, SPECT and CT systems are available today and can be upgraded later. With these new products, we are continuing our brand promise of ‘making molecular imaging clear’ for all preclinical researchers.”

The E-Class systems were developed using the same advanced imaging technologies as MILabs’ VECTor system, but refined for lower cost and easy scalability. They offer the same high-end specifications as existing MILabs systems: SPECT at sub-half-mm resolution, PET at sub-mm resolution, 2D and 3D bioluminescence and fluorescence, and ultrafast X-ray CT at low dose levels.

“The E-Class systems were built for the future needs of researchers, so they can start small, think big and scale fast,” adds Beekman.


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