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Optics and photonics

Optics and photonics

MKS-Newport’s high performance optical filters

01 Mar 2023 Sponsored by MKS Newport

Photonics West 2023 saw Robert Bourdelais, senior global development manager, introduce three new developments from MKS-Newport. These were: the ODiate high-performance optical filter line – for precision deposition and spectral performance; the design and assembly business where MKS-Newport takes engineered components and then adds value to them to meet customers’ needs; and finally OptoFlash, a new filter-based spectrometer platform.

These new products and services will feed into MKS-Newport’s four primary markets – semiconductors, analytical instrumentation, health and science, and research and development. As Bouderlais explains in this video filmed at Photonics West: “We customize our technology and our solutions depending upon each of these individual market needs.”

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