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Telescopes and space missions

Telescopes and space missions

Newsbytes: Galileo and aliens

02 Feb 1998

Vatican makes Galileo archive public as American public favour aliens over cloning

Galileo declassified

The Vatican has finally made public its archives, after four and a half centuries of secrecy. Scholars will be able to access files relating to figures such as Galileo, up to the beginning of this century. The official announcement of the Vatican’s decision was made at a meeting organized by the Accademia dei Lincei in Rome last month.

US supports search for aliens

One sixth of American adults are willing to pay more taxes to fund a search for extraterrestrial life, according to a recent survey. This is twice the percentage willing to devote tax receipts to cloning. Moreover, 99% of the 1000 respondents are prepared to pay more taxes to support inventions in general. The survey was conducted by the Lemelson-MIT awards programme, an organization that supports invention and innovation, and is affiliated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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